Single Release

About Singles

Singles are a great way to build awareness of an upcoming album and allow artists to showcase their music ahead of dropping a full album or EP. Singles can also allow artists to release music without any intention of ever having it be part of a larger release.

If used properly singles can be a highly effective form for PR for artists as well as being a great way to get their music out there to existing and potential fans.

What’s Includes?

  • The creation of a basic single page press kit.
  • The creation of a basic press mailer.
  • One email blast sent out to all relevant clients on the day of release.
  • A feature on our website focused on the single.
  • Consultation on how best to approach and coordinate the release.

Price: $25 USD

Please note that we will never take payment or provide a quote up front for this services as we need to determine which items you want and which are necessary on a case by case basis. Once this is established we can provide an accurate quote.

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