Social Media and Website Consulting

About Social Media and Website Consulting

Having a solid social media presence is just one more tool that should be utilised in conjunction with press, word of mouth, live shows and other methods of engagement. Social media and websites have become crucial to getting bands’ and artists’ music out there to both existing and potential fans. They have also become crucial to the music review process itself.

Being on the other side of the review experience CDP knows what both reviewers and fans look for on social media profiles and websites and can ensure that you easily tick all of those boxes. This will not only make it easier for people to find and follow you, but to listen to your music and make sure that you see any and all positive press that may be out there regarding your releases.

Services Offered

  • Bandcamp account and profile set up.
  • Bandcamp profile blurb writing.
  • Bandcamp release writing (essentially a press kit in itself).
  • Social media account set up (we can help to establish accounts for you on any platform you aren’t already on to increase your reach).
  • Social media account cleanup/formatting. We will ensure that your existing profiles are easy to find and have all relevant information they need, as well as linking them to all other profiles.
  • LinkTree set up, have all of your sites and profiles in one easy to manage and share place.
  • Social media advertising consulting, help with how to effectively run ads.
  • Website consulting, we can suggest ways to improve your site in order to make it as effective as possible.

Price: Dependent on services

Please note that we will never take payment or provide a quote up front for this services as we need to determine which items you want and which are necessary on a case by case basis. Once this is established we can provide an accurate quote.

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