Press Kits

About Press Kits

Electronic Press kits (EPKs) are a crucial part of promoting your music in today’s ever changing market. There’s a level of oversaturation at present that has never been seen before and this problem will only get worse in the coming years.

In order to to be noticed by reviewers and publications artists and other music industry professionals need to stand out from the slew of submissions that flood inboxes every day. A key way to do this is with a well crated press kit that gets the message and essence of your music across succinctly and effectively. This is what we are offering.

What’s In A Press Kit?

Our press kits will include:

  • All basic band/artist information, i.e. band members, location, genre, release format, etc.
  • A brief band bio with descriptions of the band, and previous releases. (optional)
  • Album art and band logos.
  • Band photos (if the band want to include any).
  • All relevant info about the release, i.e. release date, which label it will be released on (unless independently released), what platforms it will be released on, etc.
  • A brief write up about the release itself (in essence a very short positive review).
  • A full tracklist for the album with song lengths.
  • All relevant audio files from the album.
  • A quote from the artist/band about the album for use in articles.
  • All relevant social media links to the band and any relevant record labels.
  • Clearly indicated songs for airplay or inclusion on playlists.

All clients that purchase a press kit will receive a permanent feature on our website. They will also have a song permanently featured on our CDP Spotify playlist. Should they choose to they can also have their music uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Price: $50 USD

Please note that we will never take payment up front as we need to determine if your music is a good fit for CDP. Please lodge an application below and we will be in touch.

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