Why do I need PR services?

In order to be noticed by reviewers and publications artists and other music industry professionals need to stand out from the slew of submissions that flood inboxes every day. A key way to do this is with a well crated press kit that gets the message and essence of your music across succinctly and effectively.

Additionally for these sites and publications that receive hundreds if not thousands of submissions per month having your music submitted by a legitimate PR business adds some credibility to the submission. Numerous sources have directly indicated in their submissions sections that they prefer professionally formatted EPK inclusive submissions over standard emails containing basic links and text. I can speak from experience running Cave Dweller Music that this is the case for myself included.

This credibility, professionalism and succinct and effective communication is what we are offering. This is of course along with access to all of our media partners and contacts and our full support for the duration of our service (see our services section for more information).

Are campaigns international?

Our campaigns are global, we have contacts in countries all over the world, ranging from North and South America to Europe and Asia Pacific.

What’s included in a campaign?

All details regarding our services are outlined in detail for 1 month campaigns here and 3 month campaigns here. Press kit details are outlined here.

Are results guaranteed?

While we can guarantee the quality of our work and the extent of the services that we offer we cannot guarantee the response that your music will get from our press contacts. Music is subjective and this will come down to a matter of personal preference that will vary for each contact. We will of course do what we can to ensure that the right people receive your music based on their genre preferences. We will not send your music to any publication that we do not believe is a good fit.

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