About Cave Dweller Productions

Cave Dweller Productions provides public and media relations services for artists, bands and labels within the alternative music spectrum. These services include the creation of press kits, PR campaigns, and social media and website consulting. We offer these services at competitive pricing and guarantee quality in our work.

The company is founded and owned by James Sweetlove of Cave Dweller Music.

James understand that there are those with negative sentiments in the music community regarding PR companies due to cases of clients being overcharged or businesses overpromising and underdelivering. Given this fact, we have chosen to place honesty, integrity and reliability at the forefront of our business model . We will never take on a client that we don’t believe we can help and will never promise anything that we cannot deliver. This is why we will never take up front payment for services prior to deciding if music is a good fit for our business.

Our goal is solely to help underground and alternative musicians reach as large an audience as possible and we will do everything within our means to make that happen.

More about James Sweetlove

Over the past year James Sweetlove has grown Cave Dweller Music from non-existence to having almost 15,000 unique site visitors in it’s first 12 months and thousands of followers across multiple social media platforms.

Running Cave Dweller Music James has developed an extensive network of connections in the alternative and underground music community. He has also received thousands of submissions and press kits from hundreds of PR firms and agencies. This has allowed him to learn exactly what works and what doesn’t in press submissions. He has spent this time learning from this and determining exactly which elements to include and which to exclude in his own work.

James has extensive writing and editing experience not only through CDM, but also through a successful (but now retired) travel blog that he ran for several years. He has extensive academic writing experience through the years he spent at university as well as formal writing and editing experience developed working in government as a policy analyst. Additionally he has spent several years working in the advertising industry both in print media and social media advertising. He also has experience as an online live-music producer.

The Cave Dweller Productions logo was created by Avenged Creations. Please contact them for any of your art or logo needs.

Cave Dweller Productions LLC

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