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Artist: Regress
All Washed Up
Release Date: 
5th May, 2023
Digital and CD
 Los Angeles, California, United States
Price: Digital:
 $3.33, CD: $6.66

Listen to and order the album below:

Message From The Artist

“Inspired by all manner of old school powerviolence, punk, and everything fast and abrasive, Regress seeks to tap into the most primal parts of the mind and soul. With completely instinctual and nihilistic lyrics, blunt and brutally honest thoughts we all have and that some of us act on, Regress does just that – Regress us to a primal state of being where we do not care about our image or consequences. With an extremely mid forwards guitar tone and an absolutely disgusting bass, the instruments lock together to create a massive wall of sound. Jared Moran on drums pummels the kit to provide the power and girth. Throwing in samples from an old film noir movie Double Indemnity, further themes are explored about failing to achieve what one wanted through negative actions and ending up “All Washed Up.”


Album Credits

Nick Turner – Strings and Yelling

Jared Moran
 – Drums

Mixed and mastered by Nick Turner at Malevolent Sound Studios

Track List:

1. Misery Spree (01:36)
2. Slime of Djinn (02:10)
3. Spineless Compromise (00:41)
4. Hostilize (01:00)
5. Worked to Death (00:41)
6. Psychosis Gnosis (01:25)
7. Big Dog (01:06)
8. Undercurrent (01:20)
9. Jaw Crack (01:37)
10. Street Fiend (01:42)
11. Bionic Lemmings (00:59)
12. Unceremonious (02:50)

More About the Album:

Sometimes music doesn’t need to push boundaries, exhibit complexity or make a statement, sometimes music just needs to kick your ass, and that’s exactly what Regress are here to do with All Washed Up.

Nicholas Turner and Jared Moran unite once again, this time under the banner of raw, punishing powerviolence, grindcore and punk. The duo is here to remind you of every failed dream, every unachieved goal and every major mistake you’ve ever made and all with a film noir flare. The occasional use of samples from Double Indemnity hammer home these points and add some dramatic flair.

This is rabid, punishing punk at its finest, carrying all of the unbridled aggression that can physically be crammed into a seventeen-minute interval. Everything about this album is raw and unpolished, from the mid forwards guitar tone and the filthy bass to the unrelenting drum work and the unhinged vocals. Every track you wonder how Nick is able to shout like this without blowing out his vocals and here’s a little secret, he wasn’t, he actually did several times while making the album.

Each track runs for between 40 seconds and 2 minutes (aside from 2), giving the listener short punchy offerings that are digestible even to those unfortunate souls with a TikTok attention span. Before you know it a track has ended and a fresh audio barrage begins anew, again and again and again.

There’s a genuine authenticity to this music, it’s made for the hell of it, to get things off of the musicians chests, to punch the listener right in the proverbial face, nothing more and nothing less. So come and take a thrashing from regress that you won’t soon forget

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