Svinfylking and Isataii Join CDP Roster

Artist: Svinfylking and Isataii
Svinfylking/Isataii Split
Release Date: 
24th March, 2023
Raw/Melodic Black Metal
Digital, cassette (CD and vinyl TBD)
 Nithstang Productions
 FL and CA United States
Price: Digital:
 Name Your Price

Listen to and order the album below:

Nithstang Productions

Message From The Artist

For this release we really concentrated on pinning down a distinct sound- a base of melodic black metal also informed by oi punk, traditional heavy metal, midwest emo, and outlaw country. We wanted to make sure the songs were unique and driven by memorable melodies without sacrificing any of the ferocity we’re known for. We feel that this is the material where Svinfylking has really come into its own creatively.

– Svinfylking –

Album Credits

Svinfylking members and their roles:

Agerius – Vocals/guitar

Grimnyr – Guitar

Leonidas – Bass

Alarick – Drums

Self-recorded, mixed by Jake Rosekopf, mastering by Alarick

Isataii Members:

Little Wolf Galarza – Everything

Art by Micah Smith

Track List:

1. Svinfylking – The Wolf is Loose (4:38)

2. Svinfylking – Six Shots in Idaho (3:44)

3. Svinfylking – All Our Fathers’ Sorrows (4:35)

4. Svinfylking – By Bullet, By Blade, By Hand, By Rope (5:30)

5. Isataii – Sickness is Life (The Second Coming) (4:01)

6. Isataii – Garden of Rot (4:33)

7. Isataii – Devastation Sequence (3:31)

8. Isataii – Death is Glory (4:12)

More About the Album:

In recent years the USBM scene has come to hold a whole new level of respect in the underground black metal world, with more and more boundary pushing and sound perfecting acts rising to prominence. While many have come to find the recognition they deserve, there are still many out there who have begun this journey and are well on their way. Two such acts are Svinfylking and Isataii, who have joined forces to showcase their mastery of the genre.

The split brings together acts from opposing coasts of the US. Svinfylking is a band located in Florida that draws influence from everything from Midwest emo to outlaw country, extracting and refining it into a pure black metal form. Meanwhile, Isataii is a solo Native American project from Los Angeles, that describes their style as Penateka Comanche Black Metal.

Both halves of this split are raw, uncompromising, no-frills black metal. If you’re looking for high end production, advanced effects, or symphonic elements, then unfortunately this won’t be the split for you. However, if you enjoy expertly crafted raw black metal with a real bite to it then you’ve come to the right place.

Svinfylking have managed to further refine their sound between their last release and this split. The work and forethought that they have put into their stylistic direction shines through in the four stellar tracks they have put on offer here. Their sound comes through clear and polished without sounding even remotely over produced, retaining every ounce of venom and spite that one could hope for with music of this nature. There’s a perfect balance struck between melody and aggression that will allow their new style to appeal to a far wider audience.

Isataii on the other hand has retained their uncompromising purist approach to raw black metal. Their half of the split hammers the listener with barbed riffs and both venomous shrieked and menacing raspy guttural vocals. However, there’s a heavy focus put on maintaining a depressive and somewhat epic atmosphere that is just as important to the music’s overall sound as the rawer, more confronting elements.

Overall this is a truly solid split album that not only showcases the skill and promise of both acts but serves to show the rest of the world just what the USBM underground still has to offer.

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