CDM Release Violence Against Violence: A Grindcore and Powerviolence Charity Sampler

Artist: Various
 Violence Against Violence
Release Date: 
February 3rd, 2023
Grindcore & Powerviolence
 Cave Dweller Music
$7 Digital
Charity: Médecins Sans Frontières (aka Doctors Without Borders)

Listen to and order the album or follow Cave Dweller Music below:


1. Morgue Supplier – Equipped To Obliterate (02:41)
3. ABADDON INCARNATE – Parasite (02:11)
4. Thlurm – Slaughter Blotter (02:15)
5. Moldering Vibration – A Serpent’s Poisonous Remorse (04:24)
6. Moldering Vibration – He Who Accepts Defeat (02:18)
7. Dispara – Basura (00:44)
8. Dispara – Estás Muerto (00:58)
9. Maggot Crown – Clawing Submission (03:52)
10. Gravehuffer – Blueprint For An Early Grave (02:40)
11. Vile Species – Hidden Slavocracy 01:19
12. Boiled Tongue – Standing on Bodies (01:02)
13. Bugfight – Blank (01:06)
14. Breaths – The Walking Dead (01:26)
15. Maakeskit – Demoniac Chainsaw Surgery (03:31)
16. Perineum – Half A Million Dead Middle Easterners Can’t Be Wrong About Us (01:51)
17. Perineum – Shitting Liquid Hot Sauce (01:38)
18. Venlafvckscene – Immigrant Girl (01:04)
19. Venlafvckscene – Avocado Toast (00:57)
20. Nativity Zero – Living in Fear (01:11)
21. Maggot Crown – Cover Thine Eyes (03:47)
22. Gestation Curiosity – Premature (00:52)
23. Power Outage – Wasted Time Kills (01:29)
24. Grindle – Hate City (02:16)
25. BONE SICKNESS – A Mute Witness to Murder (02:51)
26. Kamikaze Pilots – A Fucking Failure in Waiting (01:05)
27. MOSSMAN – Sellout (02:26)
28. ABADDON INCARNATE – Parasite (02:11)
28. Pain Directive – Swine Flu (02:22)
29. Scourge Whip – Completely Intolerant (01:03)
30. Soy. – Canadian Peso (04:31)
31. Kageneko – SANADA+UEMURA (01:32)
32. Trench Gun – Duck and Cover (00:44)
33. Trench Gun – Christmas Day Truce, 1914 (00:38)
34. Caltrops – I Wished (00:42)
36. Castle of Good Hope – Rats Eating Rats (02:17)
37. Akrisy – Harvest (01:21)
38. Louching – The Shakes (01:05)
39. Sandy Good – Place of Dysfunction (01:36)
40. Maakeskit – Organ donator (03:33)
41. Inalienable – Scrapped Gloss (01:01)
42. The Incredible Melting Man – Faceless (00:33)
43. Call Me Messiah – Der Narzisst (04:35)
44. Bloodrunner – Wasting Away (03:32)

Album Credits

Album Art: Tommy Wilson – Tommy Wilson Design:

Post Production/Sequencing: Jordan Stoffel – Stoffel Recording Company:

Album compiled and curated by James Sweetlove, Yari Wildheart, Brendan Smith and Aarron Kobes of Cave Dweller Music.

A Message From Cave Dweller Music

Cave Dweller Music is pleased to present Violence Against Violence, our latest charity sampler, and the first of 2023. You may already know of our annual mental health charity sampler, Mind Over Metal. This year we have chosen to increase our effort to promote independent artists while raising money for charity with an anti-war sampler focusing on grindcore and powerviolence artists.

Violence Against Violence was originally inspired by a confluence of events in 2022. Ongoing conflicts in Syria, Myanmar, Ukraine, Yemen, and elsewhere struck us deeply, and we knew we had to do whatever we could to help victims of war. At the same time, BLACKWATER SNIPER (one of the guests on Violence Against Violence) released a particularly strong condemnation of US government-sponsored mercenaries who committed war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. With Violence Against Violence, artists who create some of the most violent music in the metal and punk worlds have come together to reject the actions of oppressors around the world.

At Cave Dweller Music we immediately knew we wanted this charity sampler to support Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, aka Doctors Without Borders). MSF are a worldwide movement of nearly 63,000 people – health professionals and logistical workers bound by a charter of medical ethics and the principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality. They are strictly non-profit, self-governed and member-oriented. They provide assistance to people in distress all over the world, irrespective of race, religion, creed or political convictions. Their work in ongoing modern conflicts like the Syrian Civil War and Ukraine has been invaluable. They continue to aid victims of war even in areas with hostile organizations that have targeted and killed them before, such as in Ethiopia and Syria. At Cave Dweller we are honoured to come together with the artists on Violence Against Violence to support MSF’s mission.

Médecins Sans Frontières:  

Cave Dweller Music

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