Sermon of Rot Joins CDP Roster

Artist: Sermon of Rot
Album: Embodiment of Evil
Release Date: December 2nd 2022
Genres: Death Metal
Formats: Compact Disc, Cassette, Digital
Label: Sewer Rot Records
Location: LA, California, USA
Length: 27:00
Price: $10 Compact Disc, $10 Casette, $7 Digital

Listen to and order the album below:


  1. Embodiment of Evil (04:40)
  2. Diminished Reality (05:27)
  3. Cursed Existence (04:26)
  4. Retrenched Sanity (03:21)
  5. Spiritual Ascension (03:55)
  6. Unraveling (05:07)

Album Credits

Nick Turner: Guitar/Bass
Brandon Scott: Guitar
Jared Moran: Drums/Vocals

A Message From The Artist

In the summer of 2021 I re-arranged and recorded all instruments and vocals of all the tracks written by Confined since the project’s foundation. I also completed the mixing and the mastering. The result was a powerful set of eleven thick, bizarre and dark songs covering topics LA-based titanic death metal gorelords Sermon of Rot make their debut “Embodiment of Evil” on Sewer Rot Records! Featuring a bold lineup of scene veterans from Occulsed, Obsidian Hooves, and Moldering Vibration among others, this classic, timeless Incantation-influenced death metal sound is simply not to be messed with. Upon further inspection, careful listeners will note tinges of wider influence from brutal death and technical progenitors like Suffocation, as well as a suffocating atmosphere typically found in much of the 90s Finnish death metal scene. Pummeling riffs, piercing, reverb-drenched leads, and mucus-soaked gutturals make this an album not to miss. Sermon of Rot’s Embodiment of Evil drops exclusively on Sewer Rot Records December 2nd on both CD and cassette format.”like atheism, false idols, chaos, destruction, and dark feelings.”

Sermon of rot

More About the Album

Sermon of Rot take a traditional, no-frills approach to death metal, drawing on the classic sounds and styles of the early 90s but approaching it from a new modern angle.

The key words that come to mind when listening to this album are “filth”, “atmosphere” and “dissonance”, three elements that are on full display from start to finish on Embodiment of Evil. There’s a fantastic balance struck between the three that ensures that the listener never gets too much of any and just enough of each.

As stated by the band, the album is an amalgamation of various influences, spanning multiple styles of death metal from multiple different scenes. You’ll find everything from Incantation and Suffocation through to Finnish style death metal. As you listen, you’ll pick up elements from each of these influences, but the band have done such a fantastic job of weaving them together that they feel like something fresh and new altogether.

Crushingly heavy, filth crusted guitar work meets breakneck unrelenting drums and thick dirty bass. Wildly technical meandering riffs pierce through the mix and spiral out into the void giving the music an almost surreal quality. All of this is paired with a suffocating atmosphere and filthy guttural vocals that have a cavernous quality to them.

This is a debut album that isn’t to be missed for any fans of extreme metal, particularly for those who like their music to be ugly and punishing.

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