Confined Joins CDP Roster

Artist: Confined
Album: Eternal Fury of the Disillusioned Ones
Release Date: January 3rd 2022
Genres: Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal
Formats: Compact Disc, Digital
Label: Vargheist Records
Location: Barcelona, Madrid
Length: 50:20
Price: $12 Compact Disc, $6.66 Digital

Listen to and order the album or follow Confined below:


1. The Cult of the Ostrorep (05:42)

2. Pusillanimous Viscous Trail (02:11)

3. Victim of the Raptor (04:38)

4. Symbols in Decay (04:28)

5. Privilege of Atheism (05:51)

6. Terminally Confined (04:15)

7. Uterine Tombs (04:38)

8. Millennial Devastation (05:13)

9. The Source of the Eternal Fury of the Disillusioned Ones (04:23)

10. Jaskiferianni (04:37)

11. Decrepitude Beyond Nothingness (04:20)

Album Credits

Roger B: All Music
Roger B:
 Mixing and Mastering
Front Cover Artwork: 
Dede Suhita
CD Design and Inlays: 
Vargheist Records
Tracks 3, 5, 9 originally composed by Willy, Karbi and Roger B.
1 st guitar lead on track 8 originally written by Jordi “Monstre Bu”
All instruments on this record performed by Roger B.

A Message From The Artist

In the summer of 2021 I re-arranged and recorded all instruments and vocals of all the tracks written by Confined since the project’s foundation. I also completed the mixing and the mastering. The result was a powerful set of eleven thick, bizarre and dark songs covering topics like atheism, false idols, chaos, destruction, and dark feelings.”

Roger B.

More About the Album

If you had told me that Eternal Fury of the Disillusioned Ones had been released in the early to mid-90s I wouldn’t even question you. At times the album sounds like its straight from the golden age of OSDM, instrumentally, vocally and production.

At other times though clear inspiration can be found in the brutal death metal scene of the mid 90s and even to some extent from earlier 90s releases by Suffocation. You’ll find plenty of palm muted power chords, tremolo picking, and impactful yet tastefully used slam inspired breakdowns. At the same time, you’ll also notice some minor inspiration from Cannibal Corpse, Pestilence, Morbid Angel and Cephalic Carnage, giving the release a unique overall sound.

The album finds an excellent balance between aggression, technicality, and groove, with the latter being somewhat subtle at times, but very much present thanks to the bass work and some of catchier hooks and riffs. Without this balance the album would run the risk of falling into the trap of countless other bands of this nature, feeling one dimensional and repetitive.

The vocals on the album are guttural in nature but have a barked raspy edge to them that helps to distinguish them from those of many of their peers. They sit at a good volume in the mix, never overpowering the instrumentals, but also not being drowned out by them. 

The album serves as a showcase of the band’s full career, each phase of their evolution is on display here and we have Roger to thank for all of it. His painstaking work in re-arranging and recording the music of a full band made up of multiple past members speaks to his skill as both a musician and a producer. Without his efforts these songs may have been lost entirely, but instead they are refreshed, improved and ready to be enjoyed by fans of OSDM and brutal death metal alike.

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