Psionic Madness Returns to CDP With New Album Rotting Dominion

Artist: Psionic Madness
Album: Rotting Dominion
Release Date: October 29th 2022
Genres: Progressive Dissonant Deathgrind
Formats: Compact Disc, Digital
Label: Vargheist Records
Location: South Carolina, United States
Length: 40:05
Price: $12 Compact Disc, $4 Digital

Listen to and order the album or follow Psionic Madness below:

A Message From The Label

Vargheist Records presents you with the 2nd album of Psionic
Madness, themes of nuclear winter, survival and the supernatural.
7 chapters spanning 40 minutes, they’ve expanded on their sound,
songwriting and aesthetics significantly.

Featuring the same supergroup trio as “Mortaility Salience”
(Jared, Nicholas and Justin.) This is by far their best offering yet
in all 3 of their massive long running discographies: The result of
3 multi-instrumentalists coming together to play to their main
strengths (Jared: Drums, Nicholas: Guitars and Justin: Vocals.)

Musically it is Dissonant Death Metal, Death Grind and
Progressive blended into one creating an Extreme Metal Showcase
as a whole. Lyrically it is inspired by the horrors of a postapocalyptic
wasteland, the aftermath effects of a global nuclear
war and how humanity would go from there.

Physical CDs and Digital are available for Pre-Order, Rotting
Dominion is Available OCTOBER 29th!

Vargheist Records


  1. Necrotizing Miasma (07:10)
  2. Brain Scorcher (05:55)
  3. Abyssal Onslaught (05:09)
  4. Mutated Natural Selection (04:31)
  5. Observance (04:22)
  6. The Decadence of Near Extinction (04:54)
  7. A Nuclear Twilight (08:01)

Album Credits

Vocals / Lyrics – Justin Vølus
Guitar / Bass – Nicholas Turner
Drums – Jared Moran

Nicholas Turner – Engineering and Mixing
Will at Dead Air Studios – Mastering
Jack Hammerblood Art – Cover Artwork
Justin Vølus – Re-Coloring and CD Inlays
Vargheist Records – CDs Manufactured

More About the Album

The unholy triumvirate of the US underground scene return with yet another offering of dissonant deathgrind. However, this time they bring with them more progressive and experimental flare, vastly expanding the bands sound and range.

As the trio have proven time and time again, whenever they combine their extensive talent and experience, a raw and powerful, yet innovative and technical album is set to follow. This is no exception; in fact, it feels as if the band has refined and developed its sound to a point never heard before.

The album’s themes focus on the horrors of a post-apocalyptic wasteland and the effects of post-nuclear radiation on humanity. These themes of horror and suffering can be felt in the music itself and are perfectly captured by the album’s incredible artwork.

Monstrously powerful cavernous vocals can be heard bellowing over dizzying drum work performed at breakneck speed. This is paired with highly dissonant, yet impressively complex and technical guitar and bass work. Each element plays off the other and each is performed with the highest level of technical proficiency.

The complexity of the release should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the careers of these three individuals. Each has countless years, projects and albums under their belt and all of that experience is on full display with Rotting Dominion.

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