Imperathron Joins the CDP Roster

Artist: Imperathron
Album: Mors Est Veritas
Release Date: 27/08/2022
Genres: Blackened Death Metal
Formats: Compact Disc, Digital
Label: Vargheist Records
Location: Santiago, Chile
Length: 31:01
Price: $11 Compact Disc, $4 Digital

Listen to and order the album or follow Imperathron below:

A Message From The Artist

The musical/philosophical doctrine of Imperathron emerges from the intellectual quest to recreate the sound of death and its dark paths, passing under the gray thresholds of stoicism, death, and war, with the will to power as the only guiding star in a sky blackened by the existential desolation of modern man. In this unsuccessful but unassailable search for compositional excellence, an attempt is made to materialize these concepts, letting the musical instruments collude in a concerted hymn to death, with organic resources, mixing the brutality and violence of death metal with more lugubrious and cursed passages, with some pale lights of harmonic hope, which are quickly perverted by anachronistic dissonances vomited by the conspiring work of the strings that mercilessly remind us that, finally, all is lost.

Traditional elements also emerge in all of this, such as baroque fugues possessed by vengeful forgotten gods.

The composition of the themes is a coldly calculated chaos in each second of rapid but eternal agony, giving Imperathron a unique and evocative sound character.



  1. The Human Must Be Overcome (6:55)
  2. Ophidism of the Gods (04:04)
  3. Demons of Steel (04:32)
  4. Death Will Give Me Glory (04:34)
  5. Mors Est Veritas (05:35)
  6. Mercy for the Despicable (05:18)

Album Credits

Alfredo “Bizarrvs” Torres – Bass / Vocals
Fernando “Ogro” Vargas – Guitar
Cristian González – Guitar

FOV – Logo, Front Cover and Layout Design
Greyhound Recording Studios – Production
CDs pressed by Vargheist Records

More About the Album

Santiago’s Imperathron have presented us with a solid offering of modern blackened death metal with Mors Est Veritas. This is an album that draws influences from countless classic acts but combines them in a way that feels fresh and innovative.

The band have done an excellent job of crafting an album that remains engaging throughout. Their choice to focus on raw aggression, technicality and atmosphere in equal measure keeps things interesting.

The album may have a death metal foundation, but the band manage to work black metal elements and inspiration into the very fabric of its being. There’s a real bite to both the guitar tone and a malicious energy to the music that can only be found on black metal releases. The primal brutality of death metal pairs perfectly with the raw emotional essence of black metal to create a storm of chaotic energy. Every so often the listener is also hit with some slow, heavy, depressive doom elements that the band have thrown into the mix.

Overall, the album is a fantastic example of why bands that sit in the realm between defined genres are some of the most captivating. Prepare to be annihilated by Imperathron’s unique brand of extreme metal.

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