Koldkrypt Joins the CDP Roster

Artist: Koldkrypt
Album: Holocauste Global
Release Date: 10/06/2022
Genres: Black Metal
Formats: Compact Disc, Digital
Label: Hessian Firm
Location: Pays de la Loire, France
Length: 1:09:25
Price: $10 Compact Disc

A Message From The Artist

The Absurdity of humanity’s existence has become too much of a burden to bear. In my eyes this is a species that is falling, pushed by an ignorance that is imposed by the absence of universal truth. I no longer have my place in this decrepit world. I fantasize over humanity’s end/. The sons of whores are among us. Mass extinction. Whether the executioner is human, divine or natural, I pray for global holocaust.

L’absurdité de l’existence humaine est devenue bien trop pesante. C’est à mes yeux une espèce qui sombre de plus en plus dans la médiocrité, poussée par l’ignorance imposée par l’absence de vérité absolue. Je n’ai plus ma place nul part dans ce monde en déclin. Les fils de salopes sont partout. Je fantasme le grand néant final, l’extinction de masse. Que le bourreau soit humain, divin ou naturel, je prie pour L’holocauste Global.

Typhus X – Koldkrypt


  1. Miradors et Barbelés… (4:24)
  2. Aux Oubliettes ! (8:02)
  3. Holocauste Global (8:41)
  4. Divine Inquisition (7:47)
  5. Les Yeux Ouverts… (1:47)
  6. Agoraphobie (7:27)
  7. Fungus (15:50)

Album Credits

Typhus X: Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Textes, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Greedsaw: Synth arrangements

Jinkstraüm: Album Introduction

AsCL3: Artwork

Funeral Tower Arts: Logo

More About the Album

Holocauste Global is a prime example of what sets French black metal apart from its global contemporaries. Music from the country always has an experimental/avantgarde edge but pairs it with classic rawness, depressive atmosphere and a certain level of melody. This album showcases each of these elements flawlessly.

The release is driven by hate, but not by hate for any one group of people within society, for the fact that society even exists at all. Typhus X directs caustic hatred towards humanity as a whole, drawing attention to our shortcomings and failures as a species.

Raw, biting vocals that sit somewhere between DSBM, raw and atmospheric black metal in nature spit venom in their native French tongue. There are equal parts pain, depression and rage in each verse. These pair perfectly with the stunning guitar tone employed, the barbed riffs and catchy melodies that fill the release.

The fact that this is primarily a one-man project almost feels hard to believe with the depth and quality presented on the release. As mentioned, the album exemplifies what modern French black metal has to offer the world, so dive in today.

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