Ljuska Joins the CDP Roster

Artist: Ljuska
Album: Thanatanamnesis
Release Date: April 30th, 2022
Genres: Atmospheric/Dissonant Black Metal
Formats: Compact Disc, Digital
Label: Vargheist Records
Location: Novi Sad/Zrenjanin, Serbia
Length: 48:59
Price: $10 Compact Disc, $4 Digital

Listen to and order the album or follow Ljuska below:

A Message From The Artist

“Ljuska (Husk) is the Vessel of the Other Light. Risen from the Abyss of Silence as the offspring of the two-headed Hydra Dragon, it holds the banner of Vox Umbra high. Energies needed for the alchemical-aural operations of Ljuska are supplied by Sifr Shraddha.

The first sonic manifestation of Ljuska took form as a full-length album “Vessel of The Void” reflecting, above all, asceticism as a tool used for deepening of the inner tunnels where the transmuting and transfiguring in search for the Prima Materia takes place. Within the darkness of withdrawal and silence, a new sun shined – the Sun that is not of the world. This encounter birthed “The Nox Harbinger” in the form of an extended play sonic manifestation honoring the burning rays of the Sun of the Night. Its light turns All to None, setting ablaze and eradicating the layers of everything that is not of its own essence – the essence of the Otherness. What remains when the ashes are scattered over the Abyss is the Remembrance of Death. Branded forever into both Flash and Soul, attired proudly by the Spirit, it spoke the word “Thanatanamnesis” forming the third sonic manifestation of Ljuska as another full-length album.

It is the goal of Ljuska to further manifest the results of the alchemical processes in a sonic form, thus paving the way for the opening of the portals leading beyond the walls of Today, as the veneration of the Otherness through the dormition of the Spirit.”

Sifr Shraddha


  1. The Abysmal Ingression (7:02)
  2. Dire Remembrance (5:33)
  3. The Retrograder (6:20)
  4. Seeds on Stones (6:54)
  5. Dreadful Grace (6:33)
  6. Exertion of the Strife (6:46)
  7. Thanatanamnesis (9:47)

Album Credits

Music, lyrics, recording and mix by Sifr Shraddha at Vox Umbra Studio, Serbia

Mastered by Ivan Nikita Dujin and Sifr Shraddha at Ambis Studio, Serbia

Cover art and inlays art: oil on canvas by Katabasis Design

More About the Album

Ljuska is a project steeped in mysterious ritual and lore. Each of their releases has a very clearly defined cosmic and sonic purpose. Stylistically this purpose is presented in a unison of both atmospheric and dissonant black metal.

Strewn in throughout this mix you will find Second Wave influences, particularly in regards to the more melodic guitar elements. These more traditional elements are blended in with deeply immersive atmospheric sections and moments of abbrasive dissonance.

Incredibly catchy riffs will stick with the listener despite their biting tone as they glide over the top of furious blast beat style programmed drums. Harsh barked vocals assault the listener while haunting ritualistic chanting, gasps and shrieks resonate out from seemingly within the music itself.

The album will show the listener equal amounts of melody and beauty as it will horror and dissonance as it takes them on a sonic journey into the world of the Otherness. Will you take the journey today?

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