Out of the Mouth of Graves Joins the CDP Roster

Artist: Out of the Mouth of Graves
Album: Harbinger Uncerimonious
Release Date: March 31st, 2022
Genres: Dissonant, Cavernous Death Metal
Formats: Compact Disc, Digital
Label: Vargheist Records
Location: South Carolina, United States
Length: 25:25
Price: $10 Compact Disc, $4 Digital

Listen to and order the album or follow Out of the Mouth of Graves below:

A Message From The Artist

The same members of the supergroup known as PSIONIC MADNESS bring you 7 chapters of dissonant experimental death metal torture in the vein of Portal / Impetuous Ritual dialed to 11. American Death Metal from South Carolina, Mississippi, California.

This triumvirate of prolific musicians again assemble to dominate your auditory senses for a run time of 25 minutes, this record is exclusively sold from Vargheist Records on CD format and digital.


  1. Nihilistic Visions of Torment (3:15)
  2. Herald of the Tempest (4:58)
  3. Earth Bastard Creation (4:00)
  4. Worship Cyclopean Monolith (3:37)
  5. Hallucinations, Morphine Phantasms (3:30)
  6. Abstraction to Oblivion (2:29)
  7. The Void Enveloping (3:33)

Album Credits

Justin Vølus – Vocals / Lyrics
Nicholas Turner – Lead Guitar
Jared Moran – Rhythm Guitar / Drums

Expirtate Humanity Logos – Out of the Mouth of Graves Logo Design

Dede Suhita – Original Artwork
Justin Vølus – Inlays and Formatting
Nicholas Turner – Engineering and Mixing
Will at Dead Air Studios – Mastering

More About the Album

Out of the Mouth of Graves is what you would refer to as a dissonant death metal supergroup. Its three members have been part of numerous high-profile acts such Psionic Madness, Acausal Intrusion and Maggot Crown to name just a few.

The trio come together again to present us with a filthy, dissonant, experimental brand of cavernous death metal. The entire album is dripping in murky atmosphere and swamp-like distortion and feedback.

The guitar and drum work are completely unpredictable and all consuming. They become a swirling, disorienting maelstrom that surrounds the listener. They play off of each other to form a united front against you as make your way through the release.

The dual vocal assault has much the same effect, battering the listener from every side. The contrast of the two is what really makes it work. A deeply guttural, almost gurgled style that rumbles beneath a raw, aggressive shrieked style.

If you have to draw comparisons to more established acts, one could say that the release feels like Portal meets Ulcerate and
Impetuous Ritual, a combination that should have many extreme metal fans very excited.

On the whole, this is an example of a perfect unison of chaotic and deliberate energy. While at first glance it may seem unhinged, you realise very quickly that there are numerous smaller moments of melody that each exist in isolation of each other. That bridge of dissonance between those moments is what makes them shine so brightly.

So, dive headfirst into the muck and mire of
Harbinger Uncerimonious today and experience its full suffocating glory.

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