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Artist: Burning Sister
Single: Acid Night Vision
Album: Mile High Downer Rock
Album Release Date: TBA
Genres: Doom metal, stoner rock, heavy psych, hard rock
Label: Independent
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Listen to and order the single below:

Burning Sister

Message From The Artist

“The “Denver three-piece Burning Sister have had a busy year playing shows and recording the follow-up to 2020’s ‘Burning Sister EP.’ The band’s first full-length, ‘Mile High Downer Rock,’ will arrive sometime in 2022. “Acid Night Vision,” the album’s first single, is the culmination of three-plus years of jamming together and showcases the band’s love of groove, fuzzed-out heavy riffs, and their fondness for psychedelia.”

Burning Sister

Single Credits

Steve – Bass/vox

Drake – Guitars

Alison – Drums

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