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Artist: War Honey
Album: Shard To Shatter
Release Date: 29/10/2021
Genres: Neo-psychedelic, post-punk, ambient, alternative rock, dreampop, indie rock, shoegaze and slowcore
Formats: Digital vinyl
Label: Handstand Records
Country: United States
Length: 14:20
Price: Digital: $4, Vinyl: $15

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Quote From the Band

“The Shard To Shatter EP was very much a product of the lockdown in which it was recorded. The songs were all tracked separately at home and greatly affected by the climate of the time. The performances are introverted and tinged with the isolation and anxiety all of us were feeling during the lockdown, which resulted in a darker take on songs we had already been playing. Lyrically, the songs are socially conscious and address matters that have affected both us personally and our loved ones. This includes themes of inequality, the destructive effects of capitalism, and the lingering trauma that comes from domestic abuse and sexual assault.

When recording, we looked to purveyors of similarly uneasy music such as Nick Cave, Matana Roberts, and Chelsea Wolfe, as well as to our longtime influences such as Slowdive, Florence + The Machine, Jimi Hendrix, Cigarettes After Sex, Ella Fitzgerald, Modest Mouse, Leonard Cohen, and Crumb. The EP was mixed and mastered by Jalipaz Nelson, who is known for his work with one of our all-time favourite bands, AJJ.”

War Honey


1. Shard to Shatter (04:47)
2. Even Sleep is Exhausting (03:34)
3. Psychopathic Performance Art (Intermission) (01:38)
4. Landmine (04:21)

Album Credits

Gabrielle Dana- vocals (1, 2,4) piano (4), cover editing

Ben Fitts- guitar (all tracks), bass (1,2,4), keys (1,2,4) 

Victoria Smith- Drums (1,2,4)

Jalipaz Nelson – mixing (1,2,4), mastering (all tracks)

Ben Fitts – mixing (3), cover photography 

Jess DeBellis – guy with accordion

More About the Album

War Honey are a band that make it very difficult to classify their music by drawing influences from all over the musical spectrum. To call their sound “varied” or “unique” would be an understatement.
Their music spans all the way from neo-psychedelic to shoegaze, crossing over post-punk, dream pop, slowcore, ambient, alternative and indie rock territory on its short yet powerful journey.

The result of this is an album that never at any points feels repetitive or stale. As soon as the listener thinks they know what will come next the band throws them a curve ball and shifts musical gears. That being said, every element feels effortlessly woven together and transitions are barely noticeable.

The two things that the band are best at are creating immersive atmospheres/soundscapes and evoking emotion within the listener. The music has a depth of feeling to it that many acts try to achieve but fall short of. There’s almost a haunting beauty to the music, particularly thanks to Gabrielle Dana’s silky smooth, yet powerful vocal performance. This is further reinforced by the confronting, yet necessary themes covered on the album.

If you’re looking for music to get lost in then look no further than Shard To Shatter, an EP that I still struggle to believe is the band’s debut.

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