Nothing Is Real Joins the CDP Roster

Artist: Nothing is Real
Album: Transmissions of the Unearthly
Release Date: October 31, 2021
Genres: Doom, psychedelic, black metal, sludge metal, progressive metal.
Formats: Digital and double CD
Label: Independent
Country: United States
Length: 88 Minutes
Price: Digital: $3.33, Double CD: $11

Listen to and order the album or follow Nothing is Real below:

“These completely improvised sessions recorded live with guest drummer Jeremy Lauria over the course of two days resulted in transmissions of unearthly sounds and visions. These were then cut into tracks and overdubbed with extra guitars and vocals. Inspired by psych prog originators such as Can and King Crimson, this album was meant to transcend any preconceived machinations of the mind and cut to the deepest regions of the soul. Split into two parts symbolizing the two competing sides of our psyche: one that yearns for chaos, disorder, and destruction, and one that yearns for order, meaning, and truth, always remembering that NOTHING IS REAL.”

Nicholas Turner (Nothing is Real)

Track Listing

  1. Welcome to the Nightmare (Pt.2)
  2. At First Chaos Came to Be
  3. Tyrant of the Unreal
  4. Spontaneous Energetic Interference
  5. Sickened Samsara
  6. Cackling Heathen
  7. The Amusement Park (There’s Nothing for You Here)
  8. Gnosis of Suffering (Way of the Coyote)
  9. Final Transformation (Grotesque Metamorphosis)
  10. Stoic Visions Beyond the Self
  11. King of the Wastelands
  12. A Passion Greater Than Life and Death
  13. Interlude
  14. A Conduit to The Primordial
  15. A State of Undeath (That Which Cannot Perish)
  16. The Great Divine Sadness
  17. The Whispers of Those Who Came Before
  18. Manifestation of Hideous Beauty
  19. Triumph Over All (To Be Continued Forever)

About the Album

Talented multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Turner has never been afraid to push boundaries with any of his projects. Nothing Is Real in particular has always blurred the lines of genres and styles both within metal and with the use of other outside influences. His latest offering takes things even further and dives headfirst into the realms of psychedelic, progressive and acid rock. That said, the harsh and experimental elements that NIR has become known for are still maintained and in some instances amplified.

There’s an inescapable sense of authenticity about this album that has not been seen on previous releases. This is a result of the album being played in a fully improvised nature with nothing having been written or planned prior to performance.

The unique chemistry between Nick and his latest collaborative partner Jeremy Lauria is palpable. The two formed an almost immediate connection in the studio and this energy carries across the music where they operate almost as a single inseparable entity.
Despite coming in at just under 90-minutes, at no point on the album do things ever feel repetitive or forced. This is no easy feat for a fully live improvised recording.

If you’re looking for a truly unique offering that will take you on both a musical and spiritual journey, then look no further than Transmissions of the Unearthly.

Album Credits

Nothing Is Real (Nicholas Turner): Guitar, bass, vocals, mixing
Jeremy Lauria: Drums
Mastering by: Will at Dead Air Studios
Recorded live and improvised in 2 days at Snaggletooth Studios.
The album art was taken in an improvised manner by Helen Tretyakova with a snapshot photo.

Press Coverage


Metal 1on1

Track Premieres

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