1 Month Campaigns

About 1 Month Campaigns

All campaigns include a press kit. Click here for more information about press kits.

A one month campaign is a great way to drum up positive press and attention leading up to an album’s release. This will allow time for a possible pre-order and at least one single premiere.

A one month campaign will see us sending your press kit to all of our relevant media contacts that we feel will be a good fit. We will not send music to contacts that we believe are not a good fit as we don’t believe that this achieves anything.

You will get three email blasts sent as part of this campaign:

  • One at the start of the campaign (one month out from release date).
  • One reminder a week prior to the release date.
  • One on the day of release.

We will also send out an additional email blast with updated information if there happens to be a change of release date or if a change of label occurs.

We will share your release and singles in any and all relevant Facebook groups that we feel are a good fit throughout the month. Additionally we will submit your music to relevant Spotify playlists and YouTube channels as any additional opportunities arise

All clients that purchase a media campaign will receive a permanent feature on our website. Should they choose to they can also have their music uploaded to our YouTube channel.

We will also continue to publicly share any coverage of the release that we become aware of following our 1 month campaign.

All clients will also receive the full support of Cave Dweller Music including a potential review and potential interview (should they wish to have one). This is in addition to any coverage garnered from our other media partners.

Please note two things before contacting us:

  1. We will not send constant email updates about client activity to our media partners as we do not see these as being productive. If that is something you are seeking we may not be a good fit for you.
  2. A one month campaign may not be sufficient time to secure print media coverage prior to an album’s release, to ensure this a 3 month campaign may be necessary.
  3. 2 month campaigns are available upon request, however a 3 month campaign is suggested.
  4. Should you require a single release outside of your campaign period we would be happy to facilitate, however it will occur an additional cost of $25 USD per single.

Price: $100 USD

Please note that we will never take payment up front as we need to determine if your music is a good fit for CDP. Please lodge an application below and we will be in touch.

Cave Dweller Productions LLC

3245 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104